M.A.C Polished Face Aramis porcelain slip Eminence three steps

Body porcelain slip 3 steps to find the perfect solution for skin autumn. New Listing soft mac makeup mist moisturizing powder, reversing the natural shine, showing shiny luster. Unique PGA, peach leaf extract and hyaluronan sodium ingredients absorb excess oil to help skin moisturizing Hydra. Porcelain slip as new, Run Mining and moving, this is what you want beautiful skin new look.

M.A.C Polished Face魅可瓷滑美肌三步骤
Mac Makeup before the milk
Primer: repair, soothe, smooth skin, improve the follow-up and holding makeup foundation makeup.

Soft mist moisturizing powder
Concealer: conservation of the skin, creating a natural flawless finish, ideal for dry skin.

Soft mineral trimming cake
Makeup: delicate makeup, brighten cheeks, full face showing a charming sense of light.

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Ultra-versatile cosmetic bag, love the make-up All-Star!

Compared to skin care package, learning makeup package may even greater! Looks nice, but something flashy dresser or stay at home and decorate it. Travel out, of course, each one carefully selected cosmetics. Like every baby should be able to play 200 percent of the function. Ultra-versatile bag, these versatile favorite stars!
M.A.C strict selection:
Warm smoky eye shadow makeup to go the whole group
Smoky eye shadow group was divided into warm and cool colors (2), each containing six colors, to help you create the style eye makeup without effect.
M.A.C strict selection:
Set to go soft facial makeup whole group
Contains the MAC fashion focus small eye shadow, bright honey powder, lip balm mining induced light series, light fly Alice mascara, covering a full range of essential goods Beauty.
Benefit strict selection:
Roses carry two pen  / gloss 3.4 g + benetint 3.8 ml
This is a cool makeup portfolio includes portable rose rouge water plus super shine lip gloss combinations.
benefit strict selection:
Perfect suit
Benefit include the best selling and most famous product suite, both cute and practical, totally not to be missed!
Bobbi Brown strict selection:
Brilliant Brown Brow portfolio
Bobbi Brow combination of specially designed section, eyebrow shaping, scanning type once completed.
BOBBI BROWN strict selection:
Colorful lip and cheek cream
Small box but can use as a blush and lipstick for you to quickly add a good color.

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They are now very popular moisturizing New!

20 years old must be kept wet, 30-year-old to be moisturizing, hydrating work 40 years can not be separated, since the woman is made of water, natural life should put moisturizer as a skin care first and foremost big events.


M.A.C  vitality Brightening Moisturizing Gel Addict (mac makeup

Vitamin C derivative doubling the recipe, inhibit skin melanin, accelerate skin renewal speed, glow bright white glory. Natural herbal extracts - gentian this extract, hydrolyzed rice bran extract), can enhance the skin bright and shiny, helps skin appear uniform, bright, clean thoroughly nourish healthy sheen. Rich in natural moisturizing ingredients (jojoba seed oil, glycerin, soybean extract), its unique formula and texture can quickly penetrate the skin, the skin to freshness, fresh moist care.

Benefit water spray  

To Benefit the exclusive Tri-Radiance Complex Energizing triple compound ingredients nourish the skin, in addition to instant moisturizing capabilities, the better to strengthen the skin's natural water lock screen, to help the skin to store moisture and long-lasting moisture. Spray contains magnesium PCA and blue lotus, white lotus plant extracts can help the skin resist pressure to allow the skin to relax and soothe. Incredibly powerful moisturizing formula also contains hyaluronic acid, can store the equivalent of a thousand times its weight in moisture.

Comments: If you then will make-up, you can also choose moisturizing Lotion makeup before the benefit is double skin shiny special maintenance steps, delicate skin soft, after the makeup is more docile.

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M.A.C makeup to create a world of color

Even without the courage to wear body pink light green, but you can also use a little color Banmei eyes or lips Johnson, the world is in color, the color of spring and summer from the "makeup" Start


Mac Eye Shadow soft color color mineral eye color 

Yin and yang totem show a strong Chinese elements, Chen Man Zen expression. MAC soft blend of minerals mineral skin care ingredients color eye color, fine texture and beautiful light color. Pure hand-made, with special technical grind and bake together, make the perfect fusion of different mineral, natural and harmonious sense of color interpretation. Use of unique natural mineral luster, with a magical luster.

 Dior 3 color smoky eye shadow 

All 6-color eye shadow have the imagination of flexible space to play. Each contains a color combinations like a second skin instantaneous melting up base, as well as a set of thin air color eyeshadow, where a matte texture, extraordinary light, to create a smoky eye instantly; a pearl shiny, luxurious custom-hwan now makeup. 

Mac Makeup Aqua moisturizing lipstick 
Repair lips, make it smooth, anti-oxidation, nourish lips. Provide fresh vanilla, soft lip skin.

The world is in color, the color of spring and summer from the "makeup" Start

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"Star love object" MAC charm can be retro matte lipstick to create the most IN retro Fan children

This Article 
Retro red lips once again return, take a look at deities fashion circles retro red lips innovative games for all kinds steal the spotlight this summer to create a retro range of children. 


"Sleeping curse" continued the hit, in addition to 3D effects and the introduction of a hot story, drama Julie Diablo series retro matte lips suction eye is undoubtedly the key again will bring back the retro red lips trend line. The deities fashion circles certainly not miss this fashion trends, their retro red lips innovative game for this summer to create a variety of retro Fan children to steal the spotlight. Here Xiaobian Fashionable children to see how you get along most IN retro red lips.


Rihanna music days in the fashion taste has been wandering in the forefront of the trend, either daily or a street in the T station, her interpretation of the character department wild rebellious retro red lips, the audience is always the focus of attention. 

Lei sister's favorite mac makeup brand MAC charm can be no doubt also keen retro Lips art pioneers. July this year, has been selling abroad upcoming retro matte lipstick login Mainland five models with style retro matte lip color, hope every mainland women can find the most suited to their love of retro lips. 
Ruby Woo lip which is Rihanna's favorite, it can not only outlines the unique personality belongs to Rihanna taste, velvet lip makeup to create a lasting effect, but as a few hours every intimate concert helper. Finally Lei sister or even because he loved this lipstick, personally developed a retro matte lipstick, and named his nickname "Riri Woo", visible is love ah. 


If Rihanna partial retro red lips wild camp, then when the countryside fresh wind Tyler Swift hit a fresh series of partial retro orange Mac Makeup Lipstick, do not have a playful sexy. Again a rural-based lawn photos, really could not help but think up a pro-Ze. Of course, coupled with a touch of retro red lips, short hair neatly capable, but also the workplace of the most sexy and elegant beauty lies. 

While grateful women retro route vary, but steal the spotlight retro matte lips this summer is absolutely essential elements of the popular retro look. In any case, every woman should have a retro lipstick.

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